Power your event with ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

Turn to ASPB for logistics management support for meetings large and small so you can focus on the activities that matter most to you—connecting, communicating and collaborating with other scientists.

ASPB’s meeting management services are ideal for meetings from 250 to 1,000 attendees. Services have been provided for meetings in North America, Europe, and Australia.


ASPB – Meeting & Event Solutions – Registration

Build the registration form you want and connect it automatically to ASPB’s payment processing center.

Vendor & venue management

VENDOR & VENUE MANAGEMENT – ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

ASPB has buying power to help you pick the best venue for your event and negotiate contracts with terms favorable to you.


Abstract management

ABSTRACT MANAGEMENT - ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

Our easy to use system allows you to download your abstracts into a program book or mobile app; online abstract review is also an option.


speaker management

SPEAKER MANAGEMENT - ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

We can provide your speakers with VIP treatment, including payment in the correct currency.

ON-SITE MANAGEMENT - ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

You’ll get personalized support from our professional planner who will travel with you to take care of logistics so you can focus on the science.


Event Marketing - ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

ASPB has a database that includes contact information for over 30,000 plant scientists that can be filtered by demographics to target the promotion of your event.


Propose a meeting for ASPB

Meetings are unique opportunities for plant biologists to network and exchange information on the current state of science, significant breakthroughs and new areas of inquiry. 

To better meet the dynamic needs of the plant biology community, ASPB is currently accepting proposals for meetings in important scientific areas on an ongoing basis.

Have an idea for a meeting you’d like to propose?

Promote your plant biology event

Have an upcoming event you’d like your fellow scientists to know about? ASPB publishes event details for meetings, courses, seminars, and similar gatherings of interest to the plant science community. 

Submit details about your event using this form and we will review it for our listings.

Remember to include specific information about your event—we can’t promote your event without it!


Promote your plant biology event – ASPB Meeting & Event Solutions

Plan Your Event

Let ASPB help you plan and manage your next event so you can focus on the science.

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