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Thanks to ASPB, the biennial Pan-American Congress on Plants and Bioenergy has matured into a major international event. ASPB has been instrumental in the success of our event, from the financial support provided in its launch in 2008, to the logistics support of today. They have a terrific abstract management system, a tractable mechanism to handle travel awards to young scientists, and they have supported us in key contract negotiations with venues allowing us to meet our budgets. They also provided invaluable logistical and management support within a tight timeframe insuring that our conference met our financial obligations and was a productive scientific event for our attendees.”
— Nick Carpita
Purdue University
ASPB provided great value by providing the same level of onsite support and services as a large meeting. Even though our event was small, with a group of less than 100 people, ASPB provided full conference services from registration and payment processing to advertising on the ASPB website. By scheduling our meeting immediately after the annual Plant Biology conference, ASPB allowed our much smaller gathering to leverage the energy and engagement of their keystone event.”
— Jianping Hu, PhD
Michigan State University
ASPB helped us put together a small meeting in less than a month. They took care of important logistical details I didn’t have the time or expertise to manage like the website, registration and payment processing system, and even an email marketing campaign. Thanks to ASPB’s expert support registrations ran well ahead of schedule. The ASPB team has been incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Their work has been high caliber the whole way. It’s been a great experience.”
— Kathryn Barton
Carnegie Institution for Science
ASPB did an exceptional job in taking care of all logistics and management at our last Satellite meeting Providence. Having our last meeting run as an ASPB satellite meeting even helped us attract participants.”
— A.S.N Reddy
Colorado State University